Halloween Tales

Halloween Tales book for kids is a collection of creepy tales from beyond the grave, ideal for older readers.

  • Creepy tales by wonderful storytellers to scare and share
  • Spooky design and illustrations add to the fright factor
  • With 512 pages, children will be occupied for hours


Ghoulishly illustrated throughout, this chilling collection is sure to thrill and send shivers down the spine of even the most brave at bedtime.

The scary stories are some of the very best from a rich tradition of terrifying tales, including the works of renowned authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Washington Irving and Bram Stoker. Halloween Tales book for kids groups stories into four frightening chapters. The Haunted chapter explores things that go bump in the night and Cursed Creatures looks at some of the most fiendish characters in literature.


Compiled by: Vic Parker
Cover illustrator: Zdenko Basic
Pages: 512
Age: 11+
Dimensions: 220 x 170 mm
Format: Flexiback with holographic foil
ISBN: 9781786171528

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