First Q&A Penguins

First Q&A Penguins is a small book full of big questions all about penguins. 

First Q&A Penguins covers a wide range of penguin-related topics, answering both the most common and unusual questions posed by children. Each clearly answered question is accompanied by a photograph or cartoon to aid a child's understanding. With unique questions and answers, amazing photographs and fun cartoons on every page, this little penguin book for kids aged 5+ is sure to be a big hit with curious minds.

Questions in First Q&A Penguins cover basic concepts and unusual ideas such as:
• Why can't penguins fly?
• Are most penguins black and white?
• How fast can penguins walk?
• Do penguins get sunburnt?
• Which penguin can tap dance?

Fun activities put new ideas into context:
• Make an egg cosy and decorate it with stickers, wool or ribbon.
• Make a paper fan and tie it round your waist so you look like a brush-tail penguin.
• When you next go swimming, try floating like a penguin.

Short, well-written facts ensure that kids will remember them, supporting their recall skills:
• Penguins snooze at almost any time and can even take short naps while swimming!
• Emperor penguins can hold their breath for up to 18 minutes.
• A penguin has no teeth so it swallows its food whole.

Author: Barbara Taylor
Pages: 24
Age: 5+
Dimensions: 229 x 152.75 mm
Format: Saddle-stitched paperback
ISBN: 9781782094838

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