Encyclopedia of Life

Encyclopedia of Life is an impressive 512-page animal encyclopedia, encompassing everything kids aged 8+ need to know about the variety of life on our planet.

• Detailed, concise information presented in eight themed sections.
• Visual factfiles, bulleted facts, charts and diagrams to engage readers.
• Leading features on main subjects to aid understanding. 

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Starting with the prehistoric life and evolution, this comprehensive book looks at everything from underwater life to land mammals and their close relatives – humans!

Every aspect of life on earth and the development of different species is packed into 512 pages and eight themed sections. Discover the first signs of life in the ‘Prehistoric Life’ chapter and learn about animal species found in water, on land and in the air throughout the rest of the book. From the smallest insect to the biggest birds in the sky, children will learn about what makes each species unique. Finally, the book concludes with human existence and the workings of the human body.

A giant animal encyclopedia for Key Stage 2 science, history and geography help. Ideal as an aid for science homework.

Here are just some examples of topics you can expect to find inside the book:
• Prehistoric Life: Prehistoric Anthropods, The First Reptiles, Early Dinosaurs and Relatives, Raptors, The Ice Age World
• Plants: Parts of Plants, Carnivorous Plants, Pollination, Life-cycles, Rainforest
• Water Life: Living in Water, Freshwater Food Chains, Coral Reefs, Twilight Zone, Marine Biology
• Insects: Arachnids, Legs and Movement, Colour and Camouflage, Butterflies and Moths, Crickets and Grasshoppers
• Reptiles and Amphibians: Temperature Control, Reptile Senses, Crocodilians, Lizards, Snakes
• Birds: Flightless Birds, Nests and Eggs, Birds of Prey, Migration, Birds from Cold Places
• Mammals: What Mammals Eat, Family Life, The Horse Family, Whales and Dolphins, Monkeys
• Human Body: Body Systems, Skeleton and Muscles, Eyes and Sight, Nose and Smell, Hormones and Defences

Key features of Encyclopedia of Encyclopedia of Life:
• Authoritative text, written and checked by experts makes this encyclopedia a trusted comprehensive guide.
• Hundreds of illustrations and amazing photographs keep young readers interested in the subject.
• Cross-references throughout help children find the information they need quickly and encourages them to continue to read.


Authors: Various
Pages: 512
Age: 9+
Format: Hardback with neon ink
Size: 297 x 228 mm
ISBN: 9781786170200

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