Dogs Handbook

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Dogs Handbook is a detailed identification guide book for kids. Children can study different types of dog breed, such a Beagle, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Great Dane.

  • Each dog illustration is clearly labelled to point out key features
  • Key information, such as size and behaviour, for every species
  • Notes area for kids to add comments and draw pictures


Dogs Handbook is a fun, practical guide featuring easy identification tips, key stats and awesome facts about dogs to encourage children to be interested in the subject. Dogs Handbook can be used by kids on outdoor walks, trips to animal sanctuaries, and even when researching their own family pets, as each fact file contains lots of interesting information. With this great dog book for kids, dog lovers will be excited to discover working dog breeds and utility dog breeds, adding to their knowledge of man's best friend.


Author: Camilla de la Bedoyere
Pages: 96
Age: 8+
Size: 220 x 170 mm
Format: Paperback with graining, curved corners
ISBN: 9781782097785