Cats Handbook

Cats Handbook is a detailed cat guide for kids. Children aged 8+ can read about 40+ different cat breeds, including Short-haired Tabby, Siamese and Persian Blue Longhair.

• Amazing photography and illustration helps kids identify each cat breed.
• Extra sections for kids to make their own notes about when and where they saw each cat, and what it looked like.
• Helpful tips throughout to help children to identify each species.

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Cats Handbook is a fun, practical guide featuring easy identification tips, key stats and awesome facts about cats to encourage children to be interested in the subject.

Cats Handbook can be used by kids on outdoor walks, trips to animal sanctuaries, and even when researching their own family pets, as each fact file contains lots of interesting information. With this perfect cat book for kids, cat lovers will be excited to discover domestic cat breeds and rare cat breeds, adding to their knowledge.

Cat breeds included:
Asian Self, Bengal, Bombay, British Bicolour Shorthair, British Blue Shorthair, British Tortoiseshell Shorthair, British White Shorthair, Burmese, Cornish Rex, Egyptian Mau, Havana, Korat, Russian Blue, Savannah, Siamese, Singapura, Snowshoe, Tabby Shorthair, Tabby Spotted Shorthair, Tonkinese, Angora Longhair, Birman, Cymric, Maine Coon, Persian Blue Longhair, Persian Tabby Longhair, Persian Tortoiseshell and White Longhair, Somali, Tiffanie, Turkish Van, American Curl, Balinese, Highl and Lynx, Japanese Bobtail, Laperm, Manx, Norwegian Forest, Ocicat, Pixie-bob, Ragdoll, Sphynx

Features of this book:
• Over 40 detailed cat fact files to engage children, including information on each species' size, fur and eye colour, character and unique special feature.
• Introductory text and fact boxes provide background information on each breed.
• Each image is clearly labelled to point out key features.
• Helpful 'How to use this book' guide and tips on cat behavior helps kids prepare for spotting cats and for when a cat might need help.


Series: Handbooks
Author: Camilla de la Bedoyere
Pages: 96
Age: 8+
Size: 220 x 170 mm
Format: Paperback with graining, curved corners
ISBN: 9781782097792

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