Aesop's Fables Collection Bag

Aesop's Fables Collection Bag contains five beautifully illustrated picture books for children aged 3+ in a fabric bag.

  • Perfect for bedtime reading with parents
  • Charming, full-page artwork full of detail and charm
  • Each tale has been simply retold for capture the imagination of young readers


Each book inside Aesop's Fables Collection Bag is stunningly illustrated to bring characters to life in kids' imaginations. Each book has brightly coloured illustrations of classic scenes and characters. Large, clear text stands out to encourage children learning to read and appeal to kids who enjoy story time. Books included: The Town Mouse and the Country MouseThe Lion and the MouseThe Hare and the TortoiseThe Ant and the GrasshopperThe Boy Who Cried Wolf


Pages: 5x 24
Age: 3–5
Size: Paperbacks 260 x 260 mm
Format: 5 paperbacks with glitter in a fabric bag
ISBN: 9781786170057

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