50 Monster Stories

50 Monster Stories book is a fiercely entertaining collection of scary stories for kids aged 6+ years to enjoy.

• Fantastical stories of monsters and ogres to captivate young minds.
• Myths and traditional tales have been retold for the 6–10 reading age.
• Atmospheric artwork with every story sparks children's imaginations.

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Children will enter the monster’s lair with tales by acclaimed authors such as Joseph Jacobs and Edith Nesbit.

Gripping illustrations and page decorations bring dragons, goblins and ogres to life. 50 Monster Stories book is divided into five themed sections, each with best-loved beastly tales, including stories about monsters with scales, tails, teeth and claws – something for every little monster to devour!

Chapters and stories inside 50 Monster Stories:
• Scales and Tails chapter includes Hercules and the Hydra, a story based on a Greek myth by R E Francillon
• Boggarts, Trolls and Goblins chapter includes How the Goblins Turned to Stone by William Elliot Griffis
• Gruesome Giants and Awful Ogres chapter includes Thor’s Adventures among the Giants, from Wonderful Stories from Northern Lands by Julia Goddard
• Weird and Wonderful Beasts chapter includes The Master and his Pupil by Joseph Jacobs
• Tooth and Claw chapter includes The Giant Centipede, a traditional Japanese tale

The opening of How the Goblins Turned to Stone:
The monster goblins that used to live in Holland were ugly, short fellows, very smart, quick in action and able to travel far in a second. They had big heads, green eyes and split feet, like cows. They were so ugly that they were ordered to live underground and never come out during the day. If they did, they would be turned to stone. The ruler of the goblins lived beneath the earth as the king of the underworld. His palace was made of gold and glittered with gems.


Series: 512-page fiction
Compiled by: Tig Thomas
Cover illustrator: Gerald Kelley
Pages: 512
Age: 6+
Size: 220 x 170 mm
Format: Flexiback with holographic foil
ISBN: 9781848106581

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