100 Facts Bears

100 Facts Bears is bursting with exactly 100 fascinating facts, unbelievable images and fun activities to help children aged 7+ years learn everything they need to know about these grizzly mammals.

• Covers bear species, homes, feeding and behaviour.
• Close-up photos of bears in their natural habitats.
• Illustrations and diagrams of bear anatomy to help kids to understand key concepts.

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100 Facts Bears contains key bear facts for kids in simple numbered facts. Every page features fantastic illustrations and photographs that support a child's understanding of the text. This is a great bear book for kids aged 6–10 years.

Topics covered in 100 Facts Bears:
• The definition of a bear and a close look at the bear family.
• Bears from different climates such as brown bears and polar bears.
• Bears that are most under threat in the their natural habitats and what is being done to help them.

'I don't believe it' fascinating facts:
• Pandas use all four limbs to grip onto tree trunks as they climb up or down.
• The word 'Arctic' comes from the Greek word 'Arkitos', which means 'country of the Great Bear'.
• While female polar bears are in their den looking after their cubs, they don't eat or drink at all.

Activities to make learning accessible and interactive:
• Make a panda face mask using a paper plate, black paper and string.
• Quiz question: Black bears live in Europe. True or false?
• Measure your height every month for a year to see how fast you grow compared to a bear.


Series: 100 Facts
Author: Camilla de la Bedoyere
Consultant: Barbara Taylor
Pages: 48
Age: 7+ 
Size: 297 x 228 mm
Format: Paperback with holographic foil
ISBN: 9781848102309

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