Top Picks For 3 and 4 Years

CONVERTIBLES 🚜 perfect for interactive play 🚒

Our bestselling books for toddlers, Convertibles are large board storybooks that fold out into playmats or fold up into sit-in vehicles. The illustrations are full of delightful details for children to spot, and after playtime, Convertibles fold back into simple board books for easy storage.

FLASHCARDS 🗣️ easily build vocabulary Bb

A perfect stocking filler, each pack of Flashcards focuses on a new area to support toddlers when they're learning new words and key skills such as letter, number, colour and shape recognition. Each pack contains 27 cards, or buy all four as a set. Or take a look at our Phonics Flashcards for school-age children, which help them to understand phonics sounds and word-building.

DINOSAUR ADVENTURES 🦕 quick bedtime stories 🦖

A feast for the eyes and the imagination! Young dinosaur fans will love engaging with our popular dinosaur characters as they embark on exciting adventures in these fully illustrated picture books. 

BIG BOOK OFS 👸 gift books for Christmas 🎄

Our 96-page, large hardback books make perfect gifts for young book lovers. Choose from popular subjects such as dinosaurs or princesses, or rediscover old favourites and fairytales. You can also enjoy wonderful Christmas stories during the festive season.

CONVERTIBLE PLAYBOOKS ✈️ pop-up books for reading and play 🔧

These highly interactive pop-up books promote traditional reading skills alongside imaginative play. After reading the storybook and learning lots of new ideas and words, children can fold out the building and use the press-out characters and objects to replay the story.