How to be an MK Parent Tester

What is the MK Parent Test?

As parents ourselves, we know that a book’s description is all well and good, but, especially when buying books on the internet, you need more. You need to know what real parents think. For example:

  • Is the book interesting and engaging?
  • Is it suitable for the age and learning ability of your child?
  • Is it worth the money?

Therefore, we are in the process of sending every book to parents to be tested with their children – and we’ll give you their honest feedback.


Can I be a Parent Tester?

Of course. Simply head over to our Facebook page to see which books we are testing each week.

 If you are selected:

  • We'll send you a free book to enjoy with your child.
  • You'll read and use the book over a 2-week period.
  • You’ll give us some short feedback – just a sentence or two. For example, your first impressions on the cover and content, how your child engaged and what they liked and didn’t like, top tips for reading or using the book with your child, or your final verdict on the book. 
  • You’ll send us photos of your child reading or using the book, and grant us permission to use these photos on our website and social media sites.
  • You keep the book and enjoy it forever!


Can I test more than one book?

Most definitely! Simply enter as many times as you like on our Facebook page. We'll choose both new parent testers and parents who we've worked with before. 


How can I improve my chances of winning the books?

Simply enter on our Facebook page and get your review and photos to us within the 2-week period, so we can celebrate the books on social media!


Do I get any other special offers?

You certainly do! Throughout the year, Parent Testers will receive exclusive discount codes and offers as a thank you for taking the time to review our books. 


So all that's left to do is head over to our Facebook page and enter today!