How do the CONVERTIBLES books boost my child?

1. Convertibles encourage children to learn through play because it allows them to practise and process ideas in a safe environment.

2. By playing inside or next to the fold-up ‘toy’, children develop gross motor skills by climbing through doors, and work on fine motor skills by steering the vehicles or building ice-creams.

3. Convertibles that fold up into a storybook provide an opportunity for a child and grown-up to sit and bond together, as well as demonstrating new vocabulary and language patterns.

4. Bright, friendly illustrations are packed with details for children to practise their observational and discussion skills, as well as simply enjoying them!

5. Each Convertible can be folded out into a playmat to play on using with their own toys, or a shopping activity scene for children to play and engage with.

3+ years
Lots to Spot My Busy World Flashcards Set
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