Convertible Books Reviews

Read the amazing reviews from parents and press for our fantastic Convertible books series. Convertible books are 3 in 1 – a storybook, sit-in vehicle or playmat – hours of fun for toddlers!

Convertible Tractor

Chelsea Mamma says "The beauty of this Convertible Tractor is that it has all the benefits of a book, encouraging kids to read but with the added extra of transforming into, not only a play mat, but a vehicle to stimulate creative play and once playtime has finished the Convertible Tractor can then be easily stored away again as a book leaving no mess to clear up." Read More

Chic Geek Diary says "This has gone down a storm with Noah as it's not only a book but also a play mat and also turns into a tractor! It's like his dreams have all come true!" Read More

Mellow Mummy says "This clever Convertible Tractor book from Miles Kelly is all three of these things and I've seen Holly engage with it as a book for us to sit and read together, as a farm-themed playmat on which she plays with her cars, and most popularly, as a sit-in tractor for fun role-play games." Read More

Mummy in the City says "The Convertible Tractor book, which we received to review, fitted well with her current interest, and I think the concept of having a book that folds out to a vehicle is so fabulous I’ve already looked at getting her another one from the same series–a pink one that converts into a princess carriage." Read More

Boo, Roo and Tigger Too says "The Convertible Tractor Book captured both his thirst for new books but his eagerness to play and interact with books." Read More

Being a Mummy says "The Convertible Tractor book takes children's imaginations to another level as after reading the book you can convert it into a tractor to sit in an carry on with your adventures. It also makes quite a nifty playmat." Read More

Parents in Touch says "This book/playmat/toy gives your child scope for endless hours of inventive play." Read More 

The London Mum says "Not only does he enjoy the story of the book and pointing out the various cars, tractors, dogs and noses(!), but he also likes being able to play in the tractor that the book opens up to become. Yes, that’s right, it becomes an actual tractor!" Read More

The Freerange Family says "In short, it was a huge success in this house, Bean is only 18 months old so well under the recommended age for this title. She has however thoroughly enjoyed it and so has her big 5 year old sister!" Read More 

Rock and Roll Pussycat says "I love that the book folds out into such a sturdy play tractor, it's great for creative play but can be easily folded away and stored like a book." Read More 


 Convertible Spaceship

Potty Mouthed Mummy says "These books are really wonderful and great for imaginative play. We absolutely love our spaceship!" Read More

Adventures of Adam says "Adam enjoyed using his cars along the space path passing planets, aliens and other rockets. The brilliant illustrations really bring the play mat to life." Read More

Hodge Podge Days says "Aimed at children aged 3-6 years, this is a fantastic thing full stop...the boy loved it, in fact he filled his rocket with everything he’d need for the afternoon, drinks, snacks, an iPad and a blanket, and he just stayed in there playing. Occasionally we’d hear a “blast off” countdown and noise, but I don’t think he could be happier." Read More

Let Them Be Small says "They’ve played with this and it’s lovely see Mr D’s imaginative play developing. He was keen to tell his sister to sit down as he was flying to the planets! Lots of fun to be had as well as a book to read through too." Read More 

The Bookbag says "The book's unique selling point is that is also two other things and for this reason kids will love it. Who wants to read when you can fly a spaceship?" Read More

What's good to says "Both boys loved the book my eldest even said it was “EPIC”...This book is fantastic, colourful and durable. A sure fire hit with all space adventurers." Read More


 Convertible Train

Mudpie Fridays says "He really enjoyed pointing out what the sentences were talking about as well, such as the bridges above. After we had read the book he was very eager to try out the train, to be a driver!...His face says it all, as he suddenly become a train driver chuffing around the tracks." Read More

Rambling Through Parenthood says "I love that Convertible Train is a 3-in-1 plaything. So there is always something to hold the child's attention. Anything that gets children to like books and enjoy reading has to be a good thing." Read More


 Convertible Fire Engine

The Girl Behind the Camera says "It changes the arena in the world of books, by not only being a story, but also folds into a play mat and a sit in fire engine. Josh is mad on any vehicles at the moment, his Fire Engine and Police Car being firm favourites so I was sure he would be excited about this." Read More


 Convertible Princess Carriage 

Lived with Love! says "The Convertible Princess Carriage is an amazing 3 in 1 book that transforms into a carriage you can play in and also lies out flat as a play mat. Sienna couldn't believe it when I showed her!" Read More

What's good to  says "The children LOVED this...The concept is a very clever one, making the book into a princess carriage was my little girl's dream come true." Read More