512-page Book Reviews

Read the amazing reviews from parents and press for our much-loved 512-page books series. 512-page books are big, bold books filled with collections of timeless stories or packed with hundreds of awesome facts for both fiction and non-fiction lovers. 


 Encyclopedia of History

Minerva Reads says “There are many occasions when children are learning about a period of history and need to access simple, effective facts to answer questions...Miles Kelly’s all-encompassing encyclopedia of history for children does just that. Highly recommended as a first look at world history.” Read more here.

 Myths and Legends

Mum Dad Plus 4 says “This book is perfect for children to help with homework, children with great imaginations, or children like Jack who just like all these kind of things and want to learn more, they are like a sponge at this age so books like this I find are perfect to keep them stimulated and interested in reading.” Read more here.

 Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales

A Moment with Franca says “The book has 512 pages where the kids can explore 50 captivating tales of mermaids, princes and magical animals, with beautiful illustrations that bring a wealth of delightful and quirky characters to life." Read more here. 

 Over 1000 Fantastic Animal Facts 

Tired Mummy of Two says “The 1000 facts book is absolutely fascinating and we have enjoyed having a flick through it and pulling out random facts.” Read more here.

  50 Utterly Silly Stories and 50 Toy Box Tales

Tired Mummy of Two says “The two books of 50 stories are full of short stories which are perfect for bedtime or for practicing reading.” Read more here.