100 Facts Book Reviews

Read the amazing reviews from parents and press for our popular 100 Facts books series. 100 Facts books cover interesting non-fiction topics in exactly 100 numbered facts, with photos, cartoons, activities and quizzes!


   100 Facts Solar System, 100 Facts Space Travel and 100 Facts Stars & Galaxies 

PinkOddy says “These books are full of fun facts, quizzes, cartoons and ideal for children as they are beautifully illustrated and presented in a fun way.” Read more here.

Playing by the book says “Perfectly pitched to appeal to my 7 and 10 year old, these are great books for dipping in and out of. The short snippets of information make it easy to read “just one more”, and the range of information included plenty of facts which my kids were delighted by and hadn’t come across before.” Read more here.

92three30 says “He’s really enjoying the three lovely books that Miles Kelly sent through to act as our inspiration: 100 Facts Space Travel, 100 Facts Solar System and 100 Facts Stars & Galaxies.” Read more here.

Jennifer's Little World says “The books contain a huge amount of information, and I know that they are going to be both an interesting read and a useful source of reference.” Read more here.

Mummy's Little Stars says “Each page of this book is full colour and packed full of annotated pictures and fact files whilst going through 100 interesting facts about the solar system.” Read more here. 

 100 Facts Inventions 

The Brick Castle says “100 Facts Inventions tells us about well known and household items which someone somewhere invented. It's a great book for encouraging children to think.” Read more here.

Dillydrops says “We really liked that this book had inventions throughout different times in history. My son's favourite pages were in the beginning and transport invention pages.” Read more here. 

 100 Facts Science

The Brick Castle says “100 Facts Science starts by explaining just a few of the reasons we need Science and points out some really obvious ways in which it affects our lives. The illustrations in the 100 Facts books are excellent and full of detail.” Read more here.

Parents in Touch says “This is an excellent introduction to science for KS2 children. It covers many aspects of science, presented in a way that will engage attention and encourage learning.” Read more here.

 100 Facts Space

Goodreads reviewer says “This would be a great resource for any teacher completing a topic on space or for the introduction of fact books...The amazing illustrations and photographs will be enough to draw them in and get them excited about looking at all the different facts.” Read more here.

 100 Facts Ancient Egypt

Parents in Touch says “As well as being a key subject in KS2 history, children are fascinated by Ancient Egypt, especially the pyramids and mummies and the more grisly side of these. There's plenty of information about these, as well as many other facets of Ancient Egyptian life to be found in this engaging and colourful book.” Read more here.

 100 Facts Mammals 

Parents in Touch says “From the enormous blue whale to the tiny hog nose bat, marvel at the creatures and learn lots of fascinating facts. It's just the right amount of information for children and the attractive and engaging presentation will stimulate an interest in finding out more.” Read more here.

 100 Facts Oceans

Parents in Touch says “Here we learn all about the marvels of the oceans, the plants and creatures who live there and the ways in which man has explored and harnessed the power of the oceans. Engagingly written, with plenty of facts to keep children engrossed.” Read more here.

 100 Facts Extreme Survival

Parents in Touch says “This is a particularly exciting title, with some amazig experiences recounted. As with each book in the series, activities allow children to put what they have learned into practice.” Read more here.