Earth Curious Questions and Answers

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This brilliantly bonkers book takes a sideways look at all that is wild, wonderful and downright weird about our planet for kids aged 5+

  • Mind-boggling questions and answers 
  • Fresh, modern illustrations will appeal to children
  • Special spreads focus on incredible numbers, mind-blowing facts, quick-fire questions and answers, and pose fun questions to the reader

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Earth Curious Questions & Answers is packed with loads of topics including the weather, our oceans and climate change. Humorous illustrations and playful text reveal the amazing answers to the most curious of questions. Find out why the sea is salty, how long it takes to make an island and how many cans you need to recycle to power four hours of TV!


Authors: Camilla de la Bédoyère and Philip Steele
Pages: 144
Age: 5+
Size: 280 x 215 mm
Format: Hardback with neon ink
ISBN: 9781789891508