Party Packs

Welcome to the launch of our amazing new PARTY PACKS!
We've thought long and hard about what we'd like, as parents ourselves, and parties are something most of us are faced with at one time or another. As well as the food, cake and entertainment, you've got party bags. And more increasingly, we don't want to buy plastic bits and bobs to fill them. It can be expensive when you've invited the whole class, and a disheartening waste of money when the plastic stuff itself is bad quality. More green and eco party bags for kids are the way forwards.
So, in step our Party Packs to save the day! Simply give each child a Dinosaur Adventures Picture Book as a thank you to take home. Their parents will thank you for less clutter and a quiet journey home, as well as many future bedtime stories. And Convertible Dinosaur can be used as entertainment at the party, or as a lovely gift for the birthday child.
The Party Packs are best for 2–6 years. Picture Books for toddlers always work well and all young children adore role play! There are 6 Party Packs to choose from, each with differing numbers of Convertible Dinosaur books and Dinosaur Adventure Picture Books.
Don't delay, get your child's Dinosaur Party off to a good start and buy one of our great-value Party Packs below!