Dinosaur Adventures: Plateosaurus – The selfish dinosaur

Plateosaurus – The selfish dinosaur is a funny story about a dinosaur who doesn't want to share, but must learn how! 

  • Original dinosaur characters and story
  • Ideal for reading aloud to young children
  • Colourful illustrations will be adored by dinosaur fans

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Part of our Dinosaur Adventures series, Plateosaurus – The selfish dinosaur is the perfect picture book for dinosaur lovers aged 3+. Children will fall in love with the tale of Posy the Plateosaurus who is so selfish, she won’t let any other dinosaur use the bridge to cross the river to the shady part of the desert. When another dinosaur moves into the desert and claims the bridge as his own, Posy must find a way to share. With amusing artwork from Catalina Echeverri, this is a terrific read for any little dinosaur fan. 


Author: Catherine Veitch
Illustrator: Catalina Echeverri
Pages: 24pp
Age: 3+
Size: 260 x 260 mm
Format: Paperback 
ISBN: 9781786178510

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