First Library of Stories & Rhymes

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First Library of Stories & Rhymes contains four gorgeous books including 100 Nursery Rhymes and Aesop's Fables for toddlers aged 3+ to enjoy.

• Contains both original and classic stories, as well as much-loved nursery rhymes
• Beautiful illustration styles throughout by a host of different artists
• Perfect for bedtime reading and early learning



This sturdy slipcase contains four hardback books for younger children, and is wonderful mix of traditional stories, nursery rhymes and contemporary fiction. Every page is packed with colour and detail that will captivate and charm. Each book has been beautifully designed, and the covers feature a wealth of special effects.


Authors: Various
Pages: 160pp x 4
Age: 3+
Size: 186.5 x 183 x 38 mm 
Format: Slipcase with Pantone ink and foil
ISBN: 9781789893601