Xmas gift ideas if your kids loves… Octonauts and oceans

I have an Octonauts super-fan at my house. We watch it, read books, do colouring and play with toys. Each. And. Every. Day. The plus point of all of this as it's easy to get him into learning about oceans and ocean life generally. So I think my son's Xmas list will feature ocean toys and books quite heavily – if you're here too, here's some inspiration.

Coral Reef Puzzle, £14.95 Rex London
Sea Snap game, £3.99 Miles Kelly
Create a wobbly whale, £2.99 Clockwork Soldier
Shark slippers for toddlers, £19 Moo Like A Monkey
Water sprayer, £13 Kidly
Octopus bath toys, £17 Sunnylife
Under the Sea sticker book, £4.99 Miles Kelly
Clockwork shark, £3.95 Berylune
Coastal creatures shelf, £56 Moo Like A Monkey
Sealife crayons, £7.95 CrayonBox
Giant ocean origami, £10.50 Clockwork Soldier
First Ocean Book, £9.99 Miles Kelly
Whale & Friends soft toys, £27.50 NOTHS
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Grow a shark, £2.95 Molly Meg
Ocean magnetic maze, £21 The Kid Collective
Sea creature toy set, £28 Little Stories
Stories from the Sea book, £11.99 Miles Kelly
Magnetic fishing game, £12.95 Rex London
Building block ocean puzzle, £20.27 Etsy
Wind-up fish, £7 Bunny Hop
Wooden shark ruler, £4 Quince & Cook
Ocean motion wooden toy kit, £22.95 NOTHS
Shark patch, £3 Molly Meg
Curious Q&A about Our Oceans book, £4.99 Miles Kelly
Rainbow whale print, £14 Squidgearoo
Oceans craft kit, £15.95 Cotton Twist
Sea Creature Excavation Kit, £6.95 Rex London
Sea Life art print, £21 Moo Like A Monkey
3D shark mask, £18 We Are Pop