Stocking fillers for kids

I love to fill a Christmas stocking with bits and bobs for my kids, even though it gets harder each year to do so! Here are a lovely few bits that are inexpensive, should be small enough for a stocking and will make kids of all ages happy on Christmas Day!

Egg bath bombs, £9.95 Berylune
Vehicles snap card game, £3.99 Miles Kelly
Marshmallow unicorn hot chocolate spoon, £2.99 The Happy Newspaper
Fish spinning top, £3 Moo Like A Monkey
Glow-in-the-dark goo, £4.95 Berylune
Colour-changing cars, £8 John Lewis
Rainbow pencil, £2.95 Rex London
Box of slugs, £6.25 Berylune
Space galaxy play dough, £9 The Kid Collective
Magic balloon paste, £4.95 Berylune
Sea Snap game, £3.99 Miles Kelly
Ziggy bath ball, £4.95 The Box Party
Magic bouncy stones, £5.95 Molly Meg
Moving mouse, £6.95 Berylune
Rainbow crayon pen, £1.50 We Are Pop
Space rocket bee eye, £5.20 The Kid Collective
Nose pencil sharpener, £1.75 Berylune
Rainbow eraser, £1 We Are Pop
Polar bear chocolate lollipop, £5 The Polar Post
Juggling balls, £4.95 West Stanton
Super sticky gecko, £1.95 Rex London
Clockwork shark, £3.95 Berylune
The remarkable ring chamber, £5.99 Clockwork Soldier
Wooden harmonica, £10.50 Berylune
Whoopee cushion, £3.99 Mulberry Bush
Wooden catch ball game, £3.95 Berylune