Dinosaur Xmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Dinosaurs have appealed to kids for years and years. Perhaps it's their variation in size, their fierce reputation, or that there's still so much mystery around them. Whether you need a dino stocking filler, something to read, or a bigger gift for under the tree, the best of indie businesses is listed for you here.

Dinosaur stocking fillers for kids

Parents of dinosaur fans rejoice! I've scoured the internet to find you the ultimate list of dino presents to fill your child's stocking, from dinosaur growing kits and chocolate dinosaurs to dino pens and mini dino toys.

3D Fidget Dinosaur Keyring, £3.50 Snappy3D at Etsy
Chocolate dinosaurs, £6.25 Chococo
Dino keyring, £2.95 Etsy
Dino hairbands, £8 We Are Pop
Dinosaur bracelet, £10 Quince & Cook
Dino hairclips, £8 West Stanton Store
Dinosaur enamel pin, £7 Acorn & Will
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Dino gel pen and topper, £1.65 Etsy
Hatch a dinosaur egg, £3.95 Rex London
Sparkle dino keyring, £8 Acorn & Pip
T-rex glitter hairclips, £6.50 We Are Pop
Prehistoric Land projector torch, £6.95 Rex London
Dinosaur stud earrings, £6.85 Etsy
Prehistoric Land 6-colour pen, £3.95 Rex London
Dino sweets, £4.50 Etsy
Dinky Dino Cookie Cutters, £12 Kidly
Wooden dino ruler, £6.99 Etsy
Dino crayons, £6.50 Etsy
Xmas Dino Tumbler, £4 John Lewis
Dino Poo Bath Bomb, £3.75 Etsy
3+ years
Dinosaur Snap!
Sale price £3.99 Regular price £5.99 Save £2
7+ years
100 Facts Prehistoric Life
Sale price £4.99 Regular price £6.99 Save £2
7+ years
100 Facts Fossils
Sale price £4.99 Regular price £6.99 Save £2

Make and paint dinosaurs with craft sets for Christmas

I always look for something crafty for Christmas, just to mix things up a bit. Painting and making dinosaurs craft sets make good presents because a) most kids like dinosaurs as they're not deemed 'for girls' or 'for boys' and b) no one really knows what dinosaurs looked like so their imaginations can go wild!

Paint your own dinosaurs craft set, £7.45 Etsy
Build a giant dinosaur, £15.99 Clockwork Soldier
T-rex fossil biscuits & craft kit, £22 Craft & Crumb
Stegosaurus spike hunt craft activity, £3.25 Cotton Twist
Dino Paper Puppets Craft Kit, £7.99 Whirligig Toys
Dinosaur playdough kit, £25.99 Dough Animal at NOTHS
Make a mosaic Stegosaurus kit, £13.50 Etsy
Make a dinosaur peg doll, £3.25 Cotton Twist
Make a Triceratops mask, £10.50 Clockwork Soldier
T-Rex dinosaur mask kit, £18 We Are Pop
Sew a dinosaur craft kit, £12 Sock Creatures at NOTHS
Mega dino craft kit, £25 Selfridges
Colour in dinosaur pyjamas, £29 Selfie Craft Co at NOTHS
Colour-in dino pencil case, £12.95 Eat Sleep Doodle
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Cool dinosaur toys for kids

I am pretty stunned by the amount of different dinosaur toys there are out there – lucky, lucky children. So if you'd like to put something roarsome under the tree for any child you'e buying for, then read on…

Sid Crocodile Handmade Soft Toy, £46 Ferrar at NOTHS
Convertible dinosaur, £12.99 Miles Kelly
Wooden dinosaurs, £8 We Are Pop
SmartMax My first dinosaurs set, £18.55 Dotty Hippo
Dino marble gall game, £19.99 The Toy Tribe at NOTHS
Dino discovery wooden toy set, £28 Little Stories
Dino Dump game, £10 Big Potato Games
Dinosaur magnetic play set, £15.95 NOTHS
Glow in the dark dinosaur skeleton kit, £9.50 NOTHS
Super dino 'Dude' soft toy with charity donation, £30 Scamp & Dude
Dinosaur science experiment kit, £30 The Curiosity Box at NOTHS
Knitted Diplodocus rattle, £12.95 NOTHS
Make a motorised dinosaur, £14.95 Rex London
Stego 3D puzzle, £7.99 The Toy Tribe
Stacking dinosaur toy shelf, £53 Lime Tree London

Dino bedroom bits & clothing

Want to dino-up your child's bedroom? Or will your kid only wear dino-realted clothes? Then I have the gift list for you. Read on…

Diplodocus mini LED lamp, £14.99 House of Disaster
Dino alarm clock, £24 Acorn & Pip
Hear My Roar Dinosaur art print, £8 Abel & the Label
Dinosaur tail costume, £24 Etsy
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Glow in the dark dino interactive t-shirt, £22 Little Mashers at NOTHS
Dino backpack, £13.29 John Lewis
Rainbow dino dungarees, £44 NOTHS
T-rex dinosuit, £59 NOTHS