Christmas presents for kids who love all things space

Before Pokemon came into my son's life, he loved space, fascinated by the size of the planets and spotting stars in the sky (I do hope he comes back to it one day). Loving space is usually wonderfully tied into learning and reading, so if you're lucky enough to know a child space-star, then I have a gift list for you.

Stocking fillers for space fans

My children love stockings and, like most children, are drawn to 'bits and bobs'. The following gifts are all fab space stocking fillers that I would absolutely buy for my children, from mini projectors (my son has the one listed here already) and Solar System chocolates to space crayons and galaxy-inspired balls. 

Bouncy space balls, £1.50 We Are Pop
Astronomy kaleidoscope, £3.95 West Stanton Store
Create a Blow Rocket, £2.99 Clockwork Soldier
Space age erasers, £2.95 Molly Meg
Solar System marbles, £3 Paper Tiger
Galaxy bath bomb, £8 West Stanton Store
Planet hair ponytail bands, £8 Molly Meg
Space explorer enamel pin, £7 Acorn and Will
Space socks, £12 Frugi
Tiny planetarium, £9.99 Present Indicative
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Luxury chocolate planets, £13.99 Martin's Chocolatier
Glow in the dark bouncy ball, £4.99 Scout and Co Kids
Planet hair clips, £8 Scout and Co
Space crayons, £6 ColourByCrayon on Etsy
Glow in the Dark meterorites, £8, Bunny Hop
Moon money box, £5.50 John Lewis

Get creative with space art and crafts

If your child loves crafting, or you'd like to tempt them to try with something that's not too messy, these space crafts are worth a look. The small businesses shown have come up with some really unique ideas to entertain and educate children – a perfect approach.

Mosaic art space playset, £10 Selfridges
Create your own Solar System, £10.50 Clockwork Soldier
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Make your own Space Scene Activity, £11.95 Cotton Twist
Space explorer colour in pillowcase, £15.95 Eat Sleep Doodle
Wooden Art Twist Space Toy, £17 Nordicstork at NOTHS
Solar System Craft Kit, £15.95 Cotton Twist
Space age scratch art, £4.95 Rex London
Giant space poster with glow in the dark stickers, £17 Scout and Co

Discover the wonders of the Universe

I couldn't do a space gift list without including a Miles Kelly children's book or  two! These books cover all ages and interests, whether you think your child might gel with a question-and-answer-style space book or a hands-on project space book for more practical learners. Our space books are highly visual to reinforce a child's understanding and make learning fun!

Curious Q&A about The Solar System book, 5+ years, £4.99 Miles Kelly
Curious Q&A about The Moon book, 5+ years, £4.99 Miles Kelly
Curious Q&A about Astronauts book, 5+ years, £4.99 Miles Kelly
Project Space book, 7+ years, £4.99 Miles Kelly
First Space Book, 5+ years, £9.99 Miles Kelly
Big Words for Little Experts: Space book, 2+ years, £4.99 Miles Kelly
Curious Q&A about Space Machines book, 5+ years, £4.99 Miles Kelly
Pocket Edition 100 Facts Space Travel book, 7+ years, £1.49 Miles Kelly

Out-of-this-world games and puzzles

You can't beat a game or puzzle at Christmas! I don't know why, but it's the only time of the year that I gently insist upon it. My son has the 3D Solar System puzzle hanging from his ceiling. It really is fantastic quality, was easy to put together and looks great. Highly recommended by me.

Space mission marbles, £29 Smallable
Up to the stars stacking game, £29 The Kid Collective
16-piece spaceship puzzle, £10.25 Scout and Co
Solar System 3D jigsaw puzzle, £44.99 John Lewis
Space bound magnetic dress up set, £13 Muthahood
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Dream of the Universe

If you're looking to add a bit of space to your child's bedroom, one of these wonderful space gifts would be perfect for any budding astronaut. 

M is for Moon art print, £21 Moo Like A Monkey
Moon night light, £6 We Are Pop
Glow in the dark space rocket print, £18 Squidgearoo
Astronaut costume, £48 We Are Pop
Glow in the dark stars, £4.95 Molly Meg
Rocket play tent, £79.50 Scout and Co
Space and planetarium projector, £25 Selfridges
The Universe Will Find a Way print, £8 Abel & the Label
Planets print, £10.95 The Little Jones