Animal gifts for kids

Most kids love animals, whether it be the family cat or dog, feeding lambs and goats at a farm during summer, having a rabbity cuddle at the petting zoo, or being amazed by wild animals at a safari park. So I think animal-themed Christmas presents are often a safe bet, for something different (I'm trying to avoid all Pokemon-themed gifts!) or when you have absolutely no idea what to give!

Animal bite earrings, £8.99 Etsy
Create a parrot on a perch, £10.50 Clockwork Soldier
First Animal Book, £9.99 Miles Kelly
A-Z animal print, £23.99 Little Sprog
Knitted giraffe, £24 Moo Like A Monkey
Animal stacking puzzle, £7 Kidly
Horses stickers, £3 Acorn & Pip
First Rainforest Book, £9.99 Miles Kelly
Animal mix-up, £20 Moo Like A Monkey
Animal stickers, £3.50 Berylune
Curious Q&A about Animals book, £4.99 Miles Kelly
Origami animals kit, £6.95 Rex London
Animal small rubber, £0.75 Berylune
The Animal Book, £6.99 Miles Kelly
Collages for Little Ones, £15 Kidly
Chocolate zoo animals, £14 Choc on Choc
Magnetic lion, £14 We Are Pop
Create a panda head, £10.50 Clockwork Soldier
Animal scratch cards, £5.95 Molly Meg
Big Words for Little Experts: Animals, £4.99 Miles Kelly
Felt animal finger puppets, £3.75 NOTHS
Giant elephant toy, £28 We Are Pop
Lion soft toy, £28 NOTHS
Animal Stories, £6.99 Miles Kelly
Wooden animal train puzzle, £45 NOTHS
Whale night light, £26.33 Etsy
Lion comforter, £25 NOTHS
Tales of the Rainforest book, £2.99 Miles Kelly
Lion punch needle embroidery kit, £35 The Modern Crafter
Elephant jungle friend, £27.95 Is To Me
Fox peg doll kit, £3.25 Cotton Twist
Animal pom pom kit, £12 Self UK
Horse pull toy, £12.95 Rex London
Panda toy, £29 Moo Like A Monkey
Penguin bowling in a bag, £15 Moo Like A Monkey
Lion hand puppet, £25 ChunkiChilli
Penguin sandwich biscuit kit, £18.50 NOTHS
100+ First Words Animals, £4.99 Miles Kelly
Wooden safari jeep, £30 Etsy
Animal craft kit, £6 West Stanton
Lou Lou the Rabbit, £29 Molly Meg
Animals sticker book, £4.99 Miles Kelly
Small hippo, £21 MuthaHood
Wooden safari animals, £26 Little Stories
Wild Animal Tales Book, £6.99 Miles Kelly
Wooden animal lacing toy, £16.99 NOTHS
Crocodile ruler, £3.95 Berylune
Woodland friends toys, £28 Little Stories
Elle elephant softie, £39.50 Clarkes Closet
Horse cushion, £49 Is To Me
Animal jumper cross-stitch kit, £9.95 Berylune
Pony club toys, £18 Julia Staite
Animal puzzle, £15.99 Etsy