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Read! Lots of stories for World Storytelling Day

We’ve got a selection of stories and fables for children to enjoy this World Storytelling Day 2015.

Draw! A spring cleaning fairy

Kids can get involved with the spring cleaning this year by learning how to draw a fairy with this activity for kids.

Challenge! Can you see sound?

To commemorate the birthday of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, we’re sharing this fun, simple science experiment for kids, which is all about seeing sound.

Challenge! Discover the power of air pressure

Discover Air pressure fun science experiment for kids – Kids' Corner – Miles KellyDiscover the power of air pressure with our fantastic fun science experiments for kids, which is ideal for all young scientists.

Day 5. Make! A rocket balloon

Project Space – Project – Miles KellyWant to know how to make a balloon rocket? It’s super easy and great fun!

Day 4. Challenge! Can you make three states of matter?

Super Science Experiments – Super Science – Miles KellyIn one of our simple water experiments for kids, your little ones will learn that water has different properties in each of the three states.

Day 3. Make! An exploding volcano

Project Space – Project – Miles KellyVolcanoes spew out molten rock called lava. It’s really easy to make your own erupting volcano experiment for kids to see this amazing event in action!

Day 2. Challenge! Conductor or insulator?

Super Science Experiments – Super Science – Miles KellySome materials don’t let electricity pass through them at all. Here’s one of our simple science experiments for kids to find out what conducts electricity.

Day 1. Make! An eclipse kit

Project – Project Space – Miles KellyTo see how an eclipse works, try this easy science experiment for kids!

Make! An elephant gift tag

Homemade elephant gift tag template – Kids' Corner – Miles KellyHave you got some last-minute presents to wrap and no gift tags? Here's your chance to save the day and make some labels with a difference.

Make! Your own piggy bank

We all need to save a bit of pocket money at the start of the new year, and what better way to help kids save than with a piggy bank to store their pounds in...

Draw! The perfect dog

How to Draw Awesome Animals – How to Draw series – Miles KellyWith this step-by-step guide, taken from our How to Draw Awesome Animals book, you'll be able to draw a dog in no time!

Make! A hippopotamus bookend

Make Safari Animals book – Make series - Miles KellyIf your New Year's resolution is to encourage the kids to read more, one way of getting them excited about books is by making their own bookend!

Draw! A terrifying Triceratops!

Learn to draw a dinosaur – Miles KellyStep back in time to when dinosaurs roamed Earth with our free How to draw a dinosaur kids activity sheet!

Make! Your own salt crystals

Make your own salt crystals experiment – Miles KellyDownload these two easy-peasy science experiments and learn how to make your own salt crystals at home and see conduction in action!

Learn! Free alphabet worksheets for toddlers

Learn to Write Letters – Miles Kelly

Download our free alphabet worksheets from Learn to Write Letters and help your toddler practise writing the letters of the alphabet.

Colour! Your own princess carriage

Colour in Convertible Princess Carriage – Miles KellyDownload, print and colour in our beautiful princess carriage picture taken from our fabulous Convertible Princess Carriage!

Make! Your own Brazilian parrot notepad holder

Make your own parrot notepad holder – Miles KellyMake your own Brazilian parrot notepad holder with our easy guide; which has been taken from our Make Jungle Animals book. So grab the glue and get stuck in!

Challenge! Write your name in hieroglyphs

Write our name in hieroglyphs – Miles KellyUse our free downloadable chart to write your name in hieroglyphs, just like the Egyptians did!

Draw! A beautiful butterfly

Draw a butterfly – Miles KellyEver wanted to know how to draw a butterfly? Well, look no further! We have put together a simple how-to guide for drawing a beautiful butterfly.


Make! Awesome monkey and frog masks

Make a monkey and frog mask – Miles Kelly
Are you a cheeky monkey or an energetic frog? Make it official by making an awesome mask!

Challenge! How many words can you find?

How many words can you find kids word search – Miles KellyGet children’s minds buzzing with this fun kids’ word search. Using the word ‘Encylopedia’, how many words can they find?