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Flashcards can help build a young child’s vocabulary through repetitive play. Kids learn well through games and play – because it's fun! You don't need a lot of time – even just a handful of flashcards a day will support their learning. To see our collection of Flashcards, click here.

Here are some of our top tips for quick flashcard activities with your child.

  1. Play slowly. Let your child hold the cards, examine the pictures, and practise saying the words – rather than whizzing through them too quickly.
  2. Talk about what you see on the cards, especially if it's something recognisable in their life (e.g. car), to help give the image some context. If it's not in their life (e.g. dolphin), you could tell a short story, or talk about a book/tv character or toy. 
  3. Place the cards around the room and ask your child to find specific cards, in a similar way to hide and seek.
  4. Mix up the order each time you use flashcards, using known words and new words.
  5. If your child gets a word wrong, help them to get it right by describing what it could be. If they get frustrated, just tell them the word. They will learn just by hearing you say it.

It's better for them to be sure of 10 flashcard words, than sketchy about 50 flashcard words. As your child becomes used to the game, it'll get easier and easier. And they'll improve once their brains are ready for this kind of activity. Don't be discouraged if they get things wrong or don't seem interested. Just come back to it another day.

Our ranges includes:

Lots to Spot Flashcards
These look at subjects that young children are learning to become familiar with – such as Food and Home – and topics that they say become interested in – such as Dinosaurs or Vehicles. As well as showing the naming word, or noun, our Lots to Spot Flashcards also look at colours and numbers to expand learning further (making them last longer than for just word recognition).

Phonics Flashcards
Handheld cards are great for supporting your child when they first start school and are at the beginning stages of learning to read by tying sounds together. It means they can repeat sounds and sight words they find easy to recognise, as well as go over new and tricky ones.

ABC, 123, Colours & Shapes Flashcards
These simple, colourful flashcards support the basics with pictures for each alphabet letter, shape, colour and number group. 

All of our cards are thick and durable, with curved corners for safety. They're easy for small hands to hold, making them perfect for use at home and while travelling. And they won't get ruined when spread out all over the carpet!

Check them out here.

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