How to help toddlers with their writing

How to help toddlers with their writing

Learning how to write does not come naturally to every child. Some young children need extra encouragement to keep on practising when their first attempt does not go to plan. Our new Get Set Go: Practice Books have inspired us to think about what else parents and carers can do to help toddlers with their writing. Check out some top tips below...

1. The first step is to encourage your child to simply make marks! Have a pencil pot within easy reach and guide your child to draw on the paper. They enjoyment of seeing lines appear will spark their curiosity 

2. When looking at a book, point out words that contain letters found in your child's name so that they can start recognising the familiar shapes of common letters

3. When beginning to write, start by helping them to write out things that they know well, such as their name, their favourite animal etc. Sounding out the word can help give children the focus and confidence to try writing it 

4. Try fun word games such as word searches. You can even do this by looking at a magazine or a packet and asking your child to find a particular word

5. Utilise your child's interests. If they have a favourite programme, encourage them to draw a character and write their name. If they enjoy a sport, they can draw it and then try to write key words related to it

6. Help build their vocabulary by introducing new words on a regular basis. If your child shows an interest in a new word, ask them how they think it is spelt and ask them to sound it out. A 'Word of the Day' calendar is a great way to start a daily discussion!

7. Try books that specialise in handwriting help, such as our new Get Set Go: Practice Books which are full of matching, counting, tracing and pen control activities to get children writing. There are lots of fun photos and illustrations to make the task of writing less daunting

8. A key thing to remember is to praise and support. Praise both big and small achievements and acknowledge your child's progress. There will be times when they are frustrated and children need to be motivated to keep practising

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