#DinosaurAdventures Blog Tour – the last stop!

#DinosaurAdventures Blog Tour – the last stop!

Welcome to the final stop of our #DinosaurAdventures Blog Tour! Our very own Senior Editor and author of the books Fran Bromage is here to talk dinosaurs and all about working on our Dinosaur Adventures series.


How did you come up with the stories for the Dinosaur Adventures books?

To begin with, I did a lot of research to try to narrow down which dinosaurs would make the best characters. Then, once we’d had a team meeting to decide our favourites I was given a few weeks to come up with some plot ideas. I wanted each dinosaur to have a flaw or something that got them into trouble. It meant the character could learn something by the end of the story (and perhaps the readers could too). It took a while to think about the characteristics for each dinosaur, but they were in the back of my mind the whole month! Eventually I put through a page-plan for each book (roughly what would happen on each page to move the plot along) and we tweaked these plans as a team. Random ideas often came to me when I was least expecting them though, so by the time I came to write the stories I’d tweaked them so much, they were often much better stories than my original plans had led me to believe!

 Was it difficult to edit your own stories?

A little. As a writer I did find I got a bit twitchy when someone wanted to change something, but as an editor I knew the changes were for the best. I can be very critical of my own work, so I probably spent more time than anyone else going through every word and sentence with my red pen!

Are there any more books in the pipeline for this series? 

Yes! Although I haven’t had time this year to write any more for this series, a very dear friend of mine and an old writing colleague is doing a superb job of creating another seven books for us. Catherine and I have worked together on the storylines and she’s currently creating some great stories that I know our little dino fans are going to love.

And finally, do you have a dinosaur joke for us?

What do you say to a large carnivorous dinosaur from the Jurassic period?

... Allo-saurus!! :)  

We hope you enjoyed the blog tour!

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