Our First Q&A books and The Book Bus

March 02, 2016

Miles Kelly’s ‘World Book Day books’ are already famous around the world, from South America to southern Africa, children are enjoying asking lots of questions with them. Our First Q&A books feature the logo of The Book Bus, a global charity that helps children from disadvantaged areas enjoy books through donations and volunteer-run reading schemes. 



Staff at The Book Bus in Zambia and Malawi say...

"A specific topic can be taught or learnt just by using one book e.g. Big Cats & Human Body. They are easy to dip into. Even if the child does not read English, the images are very engaging. We use these both in lessons and also as special gifts for children if they have done well in lessons or at the library, and so on. They are a great incentive to help children become more engaged in books as the child wants to collect more books in the series."

"I took this photo during a Human Body class. It shows you how one book can inspire many, many lessons. The kids had great fun trying to match the words with body parts. The photo shows Blessings Mkokola who works for us in Malawi at a summer club last year in Mangochi." Marian Forkin, Head of Marketing and Communications at The Book Bus. 

Six staff at Miles Kelly were lucky enough to work with The Book Bus in Livingstone, Zambia in May 2015 last year. They stocked up their suitcases with First Q&A books and filled up the bookshelves of Book Bus Charlie. Caroline and Louise used First Q&A Human Body to help teach children the English name for body parts and label a human body diagram. They also used First Q&A Science to write quizzes for the children to take part in.



Sarah and Amy taught about the solar system, using ideas from First Q&A Space to make an interactive lesson plan, involving the children holding balloons to represent the sun and Earth. The children were particularly interested in First Q&A Weather as they were not used to seeing rain, and never snow, which absolutely fascinated them! 

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