Amazing wildlife activity books for kids

January 21, 2016

Miles Kelly has a wide array of nature books for children packed with amazing annotated illustrations, photographs and detailed fact files. There’s also tips on how to spot wildlife and what to expect at different times of year to encourage kids to start their outdoor adventures.


Enjoy getting outdoors with the kids' this winter with our wildlife Handbooks and our Spot 50 books. 

Our Handbook range includes British Birds Handbook, British Wildlife Handbook and British Garden Life. British Birds Handbook starts with sections on ‘How to Birdwatch’ and ‘How to identify birds’.

Each bird fact file shows a chart of when the best month to go spotting is, helping you to plan your outings. There are close-up illustrations of each bird’s obvious identification points, a ‘QUICK ID’ section for easy identification, a species profile and fun questions to answer about what each bird looks like. Children will enjoy the freedom of making their own notes and adding drawings and photos to the observation areas.

Our Spot 50 books include Spot 50 Wildflowers, Spots 50 Cats, Spot 50 Butterflies and Moths and many more! Each book contains 50 species to identify so children can challenge themselves to find all 50 and then tick them off when they have found them. Spot 50 Wildflowers begins with a 'Season Watch' and an overview of the basic anatomy of flowers for kids to familiarise themselves with.

Each flower has been colour-coded by its species and has a dedicated page of information to explain what to look for. This includes an introduction to the flower, an enlarged illustration to highlight their features, and an 'actual size' scale that will fascinate children.


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