Give the gift of... Fun

November 30, 2015

This Christmas Miles Kelly wants to #GiveTheGiftOf fun, discovery, imagination, play and Christmas Sparkle!

When kids are busy having fun, learning becomes natural and easy. We have selected some of our great books that will help you #GiveTheGiftOf Fun this Christmas, encouraging children to read, enjoy interactive play and most importantly have a great time!

Sticker Playbook
Ideal for ages 3+
Our brilliant Sticker Playbooks have great stories and rhymes for your child to enjoy. The fold-out play mat also includes fun activity pages and 50 reusable stickers to challenge your child in a rewarding way.

Questions and Answers
Ideal for ages 5+
This series tackles key reference subjects in an entertaining and concise way for younger readers. There are fun questions and easy-to-follow answers, which are accompanied by fantastic artwork, stunning photographs and funny cartoons.

Ideal for ages 7+
Our Make books are fantastic craft books, showing children how to make all sorts of fun crafts using different techniques and materials. Each craft project has illustrated, step-by-step instructions to help kids make each animal, and then a photograph to show what the final craft should look like.

How to Draw series of books by Miles KellyHow to Draw
Ideal for ages 7+
These books are ideal for all those aspiring artists! From professional techniques, such as achieving the correct texture, to illustrations that demonstrate an animal's appearance, our How to Draw books are fantastic kids' drawing books that will inspire creativity.

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