How to… make your own Christmas jumper!

On 18th December this year, the annual Christmas Jumper Day is taking place, where for one day only, people can wear their festive knits and donate money to some amazing charities – Macmillan Cancer Support, Make a Wish UK and Save the Children. However, if you don't have the money to spare to buy a new jumper or you're feeling crafty, here are some top tips that we’ve found on how to jazz up a plain jumper or revitalise an old one that’s lurking in the back of your cupboard.

3D jumpers
One of the easiest ideas is to grab some spare tinsel and baubles from your Christmas decoration box and attach them to your jumper by sewing or pinning. You can arrange them in any pattern you want, but we like the idea of becoming an all-in-one Christmas tree.

Another amazing idea is to use an old Christmas toy (obviously one you're sure you will not miss!). Attach the head, arms and feet in the right position to make it look like the toy is reaching right out of your jumper.

Arts and crafts jumpers
If you are usually quite the sewer and have a well-stocked craft drawer at all times, why not create a contemporary masterpiece that is truly unique, out of anything you can find. We found this ribbon tree concept cute but quirky.

We love this clever doily snowman that reinvents a classic home staple so it becomes a favourite Christmas character. Along with a bit of felt and a few buttons, this friendly face really comes to life.

Light-up jumpers
With this idea you can either add lights to a plain jumper for a simple but effective look or drape them around the design of an old Christmas jumper to give it new life and make it glow. you could even put a new spin on a Rudolf jumper by lighting up his nose or giving the star on top of a tree some extra sparkle!

Find out how to add them to a jumper here.

Are you planning to make your own Christmas jumper this year? Share your ideas and photos with us on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #XmasJumperDay!

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