Unique ways to wrap Christmas gifts...

Christmas is the perfect time to spend special moments with your family and friends, and treat them to a few gifts that they’ll really love.

We’ve chosen some great tips so you can give your presents the added ‘x factor’ for the people who mean the most to you this festive season.

1. Simple candy cane wrapping: This gift-wrapping idea is simple and effective. Wrap your presents in twine and slip a candy cane in between the thread to create an elegant gift with a sweet twist.

2. Colour-in wrapping paper: Wrap children’s presents in colouring sheets and even after they have opened their presents, they can keep themselves out of mischief by getting crafty! This is exactly what Miles Kelly did when paired with some great bloggers this Christmas to showcase our fabulous books.

3. Knitted hat and scarf: Bored of the dull bottle bags and a dab hand at with the knitting needles? Then this is the gift wrap for you! Instead of simply placing a bottle in a bag, create a small hat and scarf to go on top and around the neck of the bottle. You could also make festive accessories with ribbon, felt and material. Let your imagination run free and get creative!

4. Personalised gift tag: This gift-wrapping idea is the easy to do, especially for the little ones! Cut out simple rectangles of card and decorate them with foam Christmas stickers, glitter and felt-tip pens. These gift tags would be an ideal added special touch to grandparents’ gifts.

5. North Pole postage stamp: Make a special present that looks like it has been flown all the way from the North Pole by creating a postage stamp and air mail stamp on brown packing paper. Add twine to add to make it even more authentic!

6. Secret Snowman: Wrap different-sized gifts, which will stack, in plain white wrapping paper. Add black buttons, a face, complete with orange carrot-like nose, and a hat and scarf to make the snowman come to life!

If you enjoyed these unique Christmas gift-wrapping ideas, you will love our Christmas Pinterest board.

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