How to make Christmas special for children

November 25, 2015

Making Christmas special for the little ’uns is half the fun of the festive season. We have compiled a list of wonderful ideas for making Christmas special and magical just for them!How to make Christmas special for children – Miles Kelly


1. Make ornaments for the tree: There are so many fantastic ornaments you can make for Christmas and it’s a great way to get kids excited about the festive season. Make simple white clay handprints that are turned into Father Christmas, salt dough sun catchers made the shape of stars, or lolly stick reindeer photo frames that hang on the tree.

2. Letter from Santa: Online you can find numerous colourful, free letters from Santa templates, which you can customise for your child. However if you are after the real magic of receiving a Santa letter in the post, the Royal Mail offer a free response service every year. Find out more about how to do this on the Royal Mail website.

3. Christmas lights tour: Many people take a lot of time to make their houses look as Christmassy as they possibly can with huge light displays. Take the kids for a walk around where you live to look at all the wonderful displays. Ask them different questions about the lights such as, what colours can they see, how many reindeer can they spot, and which house was their favourite.

4. Christmas movie day: The weather is cold outside and you have no reason to go out, so why not take the opportunity to drink delicious hot chocolates with all the trimmings, snuggle up on the sofa and have a family Christmas movie day. Don’t forget the classic films such as Home Alone, Santa Claus and Elf!

5. Read on Christmas Eve: Read fantastical stories as a family, such as The Snow Queen, The Nutcracker or The Night Before Christmas, to get everyone in the Christmas spirit ready for the next day of festive fun and activities.

6. Leave signs of Father Christmas’ visit: Whether it is leaving a half-eaten mince pie, a reindeer-nibbled carrot, or snowy footprints around the Christmas Tree, leaving a little sign that Father Christmas has been and left presents will add the to magic of Christmas morning for little ones.

Christmas Day

7. Hide the Christmas pickle: The tradition of hiding a glass pickle ornament in a Christmas tree is believed to have been started in Germany many years ago, although there is little proof of this and is said to be a myth. The green ornament is placed somewhere in the tree on Christmas Eve night and the first child who finds it is either rewarded with an extra present or gets to open the first present that Christmas morning. However if it is an adult who finds the pickle first, they are said to be rewarded with a year of good luck.

8. Passing out presents: In many households, passing out the presents from under the tree on Christmas day is a prestigious job. Create a tradition where the youngest in the family, who can read, gets to pass out the presents to everyone.

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