Give the Gift of... Discovery

November 26, 2015

This Christmas Miles Kelly wants to #GiveTheGiftOf fun, discovery, imagination, play and Christmas Sparkle!
Give the gift of... – Miles Kelly

Children are naturally inquisitive and are keen to know more about the world around them. We’ve selected some of our great books that will help you #GiveTheGiftOf Discovery this Christmas, helping them develop their curious side and feed their thirst for knowledge! 

100 Facts
Ideal for ages 7+
Our brilliant 100 Fact series boasts over 80 fantastic titles for kids to sink their teeth into. Covering a colossal range of of subjects from Ancient Egypt to Great Scientists, these books make marvellous homework helpers and a must-have reference source.

Mini Discovery
Ideal for ages 9+
Discover a mini series of books that is bursting with big facts and awesome information. These brilliant Mini Discovery books show you the world as you’ve never seen it before, using mind-blowing photographs and artworks.

Ideal for ages 8+
This wonderful series of books will encourage an interest in the great outdoors for kids. Each book contains a wide range of different things for children to identify, write-in areas to record their findings, and fun activities for them to do.

Ideal for ages 7+
Our fantastic Project books use a combination of exciting step-by-step projects and flaps to lift throughout to encourage practical and interactive learning. Super-cool facts are accompanied by amazing artwork and fun cartoons that kids will find appealing.

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