Miles Kelly's Haunting Halloween Fun!

October 30, 2015

The Miles Kelly team had a scarily good day celebrating Halloween. As well as spooktacular fancy dress, the team enjoyed fun Halloween-themed games and food.

Everyone looked fangtastic in their creative and original costumes – we had Hannibal Lecter, dead Alice in Wonderland, a fallen angel, a vampire and a big, bad wolf.

Happy Halloween from the Miles Kelly team

The fun started when the team had to guess which fears belong to who on the Miles Kelly Wall of Fear! This was surprisingly hard and left many people baffled about who could have a fear of earrings, the Candy Man or whose deepest fear was missing a meal! After all the scorecards were collected and verified, the winner was Becky who guessed 8 of the 18 fears correctly!

Miles Kelly Wall of Fears!Halloween Vampire Cake – Miles Kelly

The merriment continued into the afternoon with rounds of delicious vampire cake!

When it came to the decorating pumpkin mask competition, the stakes were high and there was a strong smell of competitor spirit in the air! Simple templates were distributed to the team for them to let their imaginations run free and design. The over-whelming winner was Rosie with her scary black and white design.

Halloween pumpkin mask decorating

We hope you have a scarily good Halloween!

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