How to... keep kids entertained this half term!

October 27, 2015

We’ve searched the web to find you the best activities to keep the little ones busy this half term – even if the weather isn’t on your side!

• Indoor treasure hunt
Create clues that will take kids through each room of the house looking for treasure! Make clues that are fun to follow, that rhyme and make them think. The treasure found at the end could be their favourite sweets, game or actual treasure!

• Science experiments
Bring out the budding scientist in your children with fun and easy science experiments that can be made at home. Miles Kelly’s Super Science Experiments has 40 awesome science experiments for kids aged 7+, where you can test fun experiments such as seeing sound and creating your own rainbows!


• Movie day
As well as being fun, this is an inexpensive way to spend a rainy day. Grab a blanket and your favourite films, and spend the day snuggled up with worlds of adventure and fantasy. Why not make it more exciting by creating a popcorn bar, and filling it with sweet treats and yummy snacks.

• Reading and role playing/make believe
Bring stories to life with role-playing and toys. If you’re reading about dinosaurs, use plastic toy dinosaurs to act out stories and match them to the information in the books. Alternatively if you’re learning about historical figures using books, ask your children how they think they would walk, talk and eat, and get them to act out that person – maybe even make them role play that person for the whole day.

• Nature spotting
If there’s a break in the bad weather and you want to take the kids outside for some fresh air, nature spotting is the answer! There are many activities you could try with your kids to make nature spotting fun and educational. Kids can write down their experiences of what they saw, what they could smell, hear, touch etc. whilst walking, or collect leaves, twigs and other objects that you can take home to create a nature picture. We like to use our fabulous British Garden Life and British Wildlife and Trees Handbooks to identify what we see.

• Get Crafting
Break out the pens, paints and glue, and get messy! Crafting is a great way to have fun and is relatively inexpensive. Make fun animals out of paper plates, a rocket ship out of a cardboard toilet roll or a super sun catcher using tissue paper – the possibilities are endless!

Discover more fantastic activities for kids with our Kiddywinks Pinterest board.

Check out our Kids’ Activity Corner for lots of fun and free activities, worksheets and storybook downloads.

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