Make! A scary horn-face mask

October 23, 2015

We’ve got just the thing for dinosaur lovers with this dinosaur craft activity straight from our new Project Dinosaur book! Learn how to make a Triceratops mask and scare your friends…

You will need:
Paper and pencil
Big board or tray
Plasticine-type modeling material
Petroleum jelly
PVA glue and brush
Craft knife
Acrylic paints and paintbrush

How to make:
1. Look at pictures of Triceratops on the Internet. Sketch a design on the paper, making it slightly bigger than your face. Draw in the eyes, nose, horns and wavy neck frill

2. With the plasticine, create a 3-D head shape on the board, following your sketch

Project Dinosaur – Project series – Miles Kelly

3. Build up the features on the face, plus the horns and neck frill using lumps of plasticine, making the masks 3-D

4. Coat the plasticine mould with petroleum jelly. Tear up the newspaper and cover the mould with four layers of small, glued pieces. Leave to dry

5. Remove the dried mask from the mould. Wipe off any excess petroleum jelly from the back

6. Following your design, ask an adult to cut holes for the eyes with the knife (make sure they align with your eyes). Make two small holes in each side of the mask and thread elastic through to hold the mask on your head. Paint your mask.


Take a photo of your triceratops mask and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter to enter our #HalfTermHero competition. Find out more here.

Find out what The North Somerset Teachers Group thinks of Project Dinosaur.

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