Learn! Saving blood science experiment

October 23, 2015

Here’s a great science experiment for kids straight from our new Project Body book! We thought it was rather appropriate for Halloween as well. This science experiment for kids demonstrates how the kidneys clean blood by filtering out the larger particles it needs to save.

You will need:
A jug
Red food colouring
Crushed chalk (about ½ tsp)
Coffee filter
Elastic band
Large glass jar

How to make:
1. Add about 150 ml of water to the jug
2. Add a few drops of red food colouring and the chalk to the water

Project Body – Miles Kelly
3. Place the filter over the glass jar and secure with the elastic bad so that it dips down into the jar by a few centimetres
4. Slowly pour the coloured water into the jar with the filter on top.
5. Notice how the filter traps the chalk while letting the coloured water drip through. In the same way, your kidneys (the filter) let blood circulate while retaining the things they need to save (the chalk)

 Project Body – Miles Kelly

Take a photo of your experiment and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter to enter our #HalfTermHero competition. Find out more here.

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