Make! A pumpkin from a recycled old book

October 21, 2015

At Miles Kelly we’re not known for encouraging the cutting up of a book, however, if you have a very old book that you do not want anymore, why not give it some new life by making it into a cool pumpkin decoration for Halloween!

We have taken inspiration from this tutorial:


You will need:
 an old book (preferably one with fewer pages)
A4 sheet of paper
a pencil
glue/double-sided tape
orange paint 
a twig and leaf from the garden/pipe cleaner and green ribbon… or any other form of decoration

    How to make:
    1. Fold your A4 sheet of paper in half
    2. Draw half of pumpkin on the paper starting from the folded edge and cut out out the shape so that the template is symmetrical on both sides
    3. Tear the cover off of your book
    4. Wrap the pumpkin template around the book, ensuring that the fold of the paper runs directly down the middle of the book’s spine

    5. Trace around the template on both sides
    6. Use scissors to start cutting out the shape, taking up roughly 5-10 pages at a time depending on the thickness of the paper. Make sure you cut all the way to the spine but without going through it and pull off any excess paper

    7. Keep tracing the shape again after you cut a section of paper until you get to the end. (Try not to make the pumpkin bigger each time as it will not stand properly)
    8. Neaten up any edges and cut off the excess spine from the top and bottom. Check to see if the pumpkin can stand on its own, if not, you will need to flatten the bottom a bit more
    9. Break the spine carefully and start fanning the pages out so that they go all the way around.

    10. Stick the front page to the back page using a strong glue or double-sided tape
    11. Lay down some newspaper and take a small amount of paint onto a sponge. It is up to you how much or little paint you use but a light layer is effective as it keeps the text visible. You can do this by rubbing paint around the edge of every other page
    12. Wait for the pumpkin to dry and glue/tape a stick (or pipe cleaner) down the centre of the spine to make a stork
    13. Finish by sticking a leaf to the stork or by tying green ribbon around it

    And here's one we made earlier...

    Share photos of your book pumpkin creations on our Facebook or Twitter page.


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