Step inside our magical Mini Classic series…

 We are very proud to introduce our brand new Mini Classic collection for children aged 9+ – four mini books containing some of the biggest children’s stories of all time, featuring beautiful, modern illustrations.


The complete unabridged text of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass, The Jungle Book, The Wind in the Willows, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz can be found within the pages of these miniature books, allowing kids to discover the original stories in all of their glory, in a fun pocket-sized format.


Each book contains illustrations by a talented artist, who brings something refreshing and exciting to each of the four famous stories. You’ll find hidden surprises around every corner as well as colorful, double-page scenes, which bring the stories to life.

At the end of each book children will find additional notes and activities to really help them understand and appreciate the story. They’ll find facts about the author, the period of history that they were writing in, key themes, influences, and the idea behind the setting of the story. And for a bit of fun, there’s a quick quiz and a ‘Write Your Own Adventure’ section to encourage kids to get their own creative juices flowing.

Mini Classic series offers a unique introduction to classic literature for children, by providing a clear, easy-to-read version of the story, amazing illustrations full of life, and a whole host of things to learn and do – creating a reading adventure that will open their imaginations and encourage a passion for reading.

Take a closer look at the Mini Classic series here.

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