Top 5 books for starting secondary school

 The leap from primary to secondary school is always a scary time, but with our top book picks, children will feel more prepared to take on the learning challenge ahead.

1. Mini Encyclopedia British HistoryMini Encyclopedia British History – Mini Encyclopedias – Miles Kelly This mini book is crammed with masses of history knowledge for kids. From the Celts and Vikings to Victorian Britain and modern-day politics, this detailed, clear encyclopedia is a helpful companion to children’s history lessons and homework. Topics include: The ancient Roman invasion, Medieval Britain, and World War One and Two.

2. The Earth BookThe Earth Book – The Books – Miles Kelly This new series is designed for fact-loving kids. Focusing on the most extreme aspects of planet Earth, this brilliant book is educational and fun, helping to inspire a passion for all things geography.  

3. 100 F100 Facts Science – 100 Facts – Miles Kellyacts Science Our popular 100 Facts books offer the perfect introduction to any subject, helping children learn key information in easy, bite-sized chunks. 100 Facts Science will teach kids important facts about the world of science and technology, in a way they can understand. Topics include: electricity, chemical and body science.  



Discover the Mega World – Discovery Channel – Miles Kelly4. Discover the Mega World, from our bestselling Discovery Channel range, is a thrilling reading experience for children, covering a variety of academic and general knowledge subjects in a sensational way, to get kids interested in learning.








5. Children’s Atlas of the World Kids can explore the world with this comprehensive, up-to-date atlas that is great for supporting classroom work and homework. Features include: A political and physical world map of every county, annotated with key features and fascinating stats such as population and area.






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