Step into the world of Miles Kelly!

June 19, 2015

Here at Miles Kelly we love the weird and wonderful, and that doesn’t stop at the fun and creative facts we discover for our books, it extends to our in-house team too!

The team at Miles Kelly has grown considerably since the company was first founded by Jim Miles and Gerard Kelly in 1996 and now has over 30 employees. Each department plays a vital role in the smooth running of the company and the output of high-quality, affordable books for kids.

Miles Kelly – Hardings Barn

Where possible, Miles Kelly keeps everything in-house and here is just what some of the departments do:

Miles KellyEditorial: Our team of editors manage the books from start to finish, polishing and refining all of our great books before they are published. They check for mistakes, inaccuracies and ensure that all of the text in our books is appropriate for young readers.

Design: The designers ensure our books look fantastic! They are responsible for making our titles look appealing, easy-to-read and perfect for those with little hands. Plus, they design all of our amazing book covers!

Miles KellyReprographics: Reprographics have the important role of making sure that all of the pages of our books are ready to go to the printer. They check image quality, image rights and make sure important corrections have been taken in.

Production: Our fab production department manages all of the printing of our books, as well as the books logistics and client liaisons. Without the production team there would be no books for us to sell!

Sales: The great sales team is in charge of selling our wonderful books to wholesalers, supermarkets, UK trade and to other promotional retailers around the world.

Miles KellyRights:
The wonderful team in the rights department get to travel the world selling the rights of our books to publishers in other countries. They also organise the great Miles Kelly stands at book fairs around the world.

Finance: The finance team is responsible for making sure all invoices are processed, suppliers are paid and crunching all the big, important numbers. However, the most important role they play is making sure everyone at Miles Kelly gets paid!

With such a small, dedicated team, everyone feels very much part of the Miles Kelly family!

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