10 fantastic facts about space!

April 27, 2015

300 Fantastic Facts Space – 300 Fantastic Facts – Miles Kelly

We’ve read our 300 Fantastic Facts Space book from front to back and have picked our top 10 fantastic facts about space to share with you! Here are some amazing space facts for children to enjoy…

1. The robot submarine Endurance, which may one day explore oceans on distant planets or moons, has been tested in frozen lakes in Antarctica and near-boiling pools in New Zealand.
2. Launched in 2001, spacecraft Deep Space I went on a trip to visit asteroids and comets. Its fuel tank was the size of a small suitcase, yet the fuel lasted for over three years.
3. When Pioneer II zoomed to within 43,000 kilometres of Jupiter in 1974, it made the fastest-ever flyby at 50 kilometres per second.
4. The fastest spacecraft, and the fastest man-made object ever, was Helios 2. It neared the Sun at 67 kilometres per second. 
5. The surface of the Sun is nearly 60 times hotter than boiling water. It is so hot, it would melt a spacecraft flying near it.
6. If the Sun was the size of a large beach ball, Earth would be as small as a pea, and the Moon would look like a pinhead.
7. For its size, Saturn is lighter than any other planet. If there was a large enough sea, it would float like a cork.
8. After it explodes as a supernova, a giant star may collapse, forming a black hole. The gravity of a black hole is so strong that it pulls everything into it – not even light can escape!
9. The Sun is losing weight! Every second about 4 million tonnes of its gas is turned into energy and escapes as light and heat. The Sun is so big that it can continue losing weight at this rate for about another 5 billion years.
10. Earth is speeding round the Sun at 29.8 kilometres a second – more than 100,000 kilometres an hour. That’s about 100 times faster than a jet liner!

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