10 fantastic facts about oceans!

April 27, 2015

300 Fantastic Facts Oceans – 300 Fantastic Facts – Miles KellyWe’ve read our 300 Fantastic Facts Oceans book from front to back and have picked our top 10 fantastic facts about oceans to share with you! Here are some ocean facts for kids to enjoy including lots of ocean animal facts…

1. The orange roughy is believed to be one of the longest living fish – one individual allegedly reached 149 years of age.
2. One krill is not much bigger then a paperclip, but the total weight of all the krill in the world is greater than the total weight of all the people on the planet.
3. Six billion tons of phytoplankton grow in the Light Zone every year and they produce half of the oxygen in our atmosphere. Without them, there would be almost no animal life in the oceans, and few animals on land either.
4. If you could take all living things on Earth and fill a giant box with them, ocean life would take up 99.5% of it. The leftover space could hold everything that lives on land.
5. Coral reefs are very slow growers. A reef can grow about 10 centimetres a year if the conditions are just right.
6. Mantis shrimps are powerful punchers. They surprise their prey by hitting out at speeds of 240 metres per second.
7. The tidal range is the difference in height between high and low tide. In the Bay of Fundy in Canada it is 17 metres, and in parts of the Mediterranean Sea it is less than 0.3 metres.
8. In some mudflats, the numbers of small shellfish, called spireshells, are greater than 50,000 in just one square metre!
9. The peregrine falcon hunts along the shore as well as inland. It kills other birds by power-diving onto them at speeds of more than 200 kilometres an hour, making it the world’s fastest animal.
10. Along some busy beaches, more than one in ten particles or grains is not sand – it is plastic. Known as ‘beach confetti’ this plastic sand is a growing problem worldwide.

If you loved these ocean facts for kids, you’d love 300 of them! Check out the book these facts came from – 300 Fantastic Facts Oceans.

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