10 fantastic facts about dinosaurs!

April 27, 2015

300 Fantastic Facts Dinosaurs – 300 Fantastic Facts – Miles Kelly

We’ve read our 300 Fantastic Facts Dinosaurs book from front to back and have picked our top 10 fantastic facts about dinsoaurs to share with you! Here are some interesting dinosaur facts for children to enjoy…

1. Diplodocus is also known as ‘Old Whip–tail’! It may have swished its long tail so hard and fast that it made an enormous crack like a whip.
2. Baby dinosaurs grew up to five times faster than human babies. A baby sauropod dinosaur like Diplodocus was already one metre long and 8 kilograms in weight when it hatched from its egg!
3. When scientists first dug up fossils of Iguanodon, they found a horn-shaped bone, which fitted Iguanodon’s nose. Most scientists now believe that the spike was a thumb claw.
4. The dinosaur with the shortest name was also one of the smallest. Mei (meaning ‘sound asleep’) had feathers and was less than 60 centimetres long.
5. Fossils of Mosasaurus were found in the same place over 200 years apart! The first was found in a quarry in the Netherlands in 1780. The second was found in the same place in 1998.
6. The tusks of Anancus were over 4 metres long – almost as long as the animal itself.
7. The first fossils of the giant ape Gigantopithecus to be studied by scientists came from a second-hand shop in Hong Kong, over 70 years ago.
8. Tyrannosaurus rex's tail was not very bendy or flexible – it stuck out straight behind the body. This is why its group of dinosaurs is called tetanurans or ‘stiff-tails’.
9. T rex’s feet were about one metre long but its footprints were probably less than half this size because it walked on its 
10. T rex was one of the stars of the Jurassic Park movies. However it didn’t live in the Jurassic Period, it lived 80 million years later at the end of the Cretaceous period. 

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