10 fantastic facts about animals!

April 27, 2015

300 Fantastic Facts Animals - 300 Fantastic Facts – Miles KellyWe’ve read our 300 Fantastic Facts Animals book from front to back and have picked our top 10 fantastic facts about animals to share with you! Here are some crazy animal facts for kids to enjoy…

1. The vampire bat is a blood-drinker! It consumes about 26 litres of blood a year – about the total blood supply of five human beings!
2. Skunks sometimes feed on bees. They roll the bees on the ground to remove their stings before eating them.
3. Among the best mammal swimmers are – elephants! They ‘walk’ in water without touching the bottom for hours and even go almost completely under, using their trunk as a snorkel.
4. Water birds called great crested grebes perform a courtship dance together. During the dance they offer each other gifts – beakfuls of water weed!
5. Lemmings are very fast breeders. Females can beome pregnant at only 14 days old, and they can produce litters of as many as 12 young every month.
6. The hummingbird has to eat lots of nectar to get enough energy to survive. If a human were to work as hard as a hummingbird, he or she would need to eat three times their weight in potatoes each day.
7. The flamingo’s legs may look as if they are back to front. In fact, what appear to be the bird’s knees are really its ankles!
8. One African gecko has such thin skin over its ear-openings that if you were to look at it with the openings lined up, you would see light coming through from the other side of its head!
9. A giant tortoise can support a one tonne weight. This means that it could be used as a jack to lift up a car.
10. Crocodile and alligator eggs only grow if they are kept warm, and the amount of heat affects whether the eggs develop into males or females. Below 30°C, the eggs all develop into females.

If you loved these fun animal facts for kids, you’d love 300 of them! Check out the book these facts came from – 300 Fantastic Facts Animals.

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