Challenge! Why does it rain?

April 28, 2015

Have you ever been stuck indoors and unable to go out and play because of bad weather? Make the most of being inside by learning about how and why it rains.

Our wonderful rain fact sheet has been taken from our First Question and Answers Weather book and has some fantastic facts about our planet and different types of weather and precipitation.

Weather and rain free download.

Why does it rain? – Miles KellyWe’ve also put together some questions for you to answer once you’ve downloaded the free fact sheet. How many can you get right?

1. Where does it rain every day?
2. How deep is the atmosphere?
3. Are all clouds small and fluffy?
4. What rain never lands?
5. What happens in a flood?

Our First Questions and Answers books are full of big questions with clear answers and bright illustrations. Simple activity panels throughout help put new information into context for kids aged 5+. Some of the titles included in the series are science, plants, space, jungle, birds and deadly creatures.

If you would like to dive in to more fun kids’ crafts, check out our fantastic Kids’ Activity Corner and How To guides, which are full of great ideas, free downloads and free storybooks.

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