Read! How the Cow Jumped over the Moon

April 17, 2015

Hey, diddle-diddle, we’ve got a story about a little boy and a fiddle!

Learn about Little Bobby and what happened one night when he played his fiddle upon the bank of the brook. This storybook is an extract from The Cat and the Fiddle by L Frank Baum.

How the cow jumped over the Moon – Miles Kelly

Little Bobby was the only son of a small farmer who lived out of town upon a country road. Bobby’s mother looked after the house and his father took care of the farm. Bobby himself, who was not very big, helped them both as much as he was able.

It was lonely upon the farm, especially when his father and mother were both busy at work, but the boy had one way to amuse himself that served to pass many an hour when he would not otherwise have known what to do. He was very fond of music, and his father one day brought him from the town a small fiddle, or violin, which he soon learned to play upon. I don’t suppose he was a very fine musician, but the tunes he played pleased himself, as well as his father and mother, and Bobby’s fiddle soon became his constant companion.

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