How to… be more active

Let’s face it, it’s much too easy to prefer sitting on the sofa and relaxing than doing lots of moving around, but here’s some top tips for how to be more active during your day-to-day routines, for both you and the kids.

Ideas for how to get fit for kids:

Go on more outdoor adventures! Why not go straight after school before you get back home? Try taking a nature book such as British Wildlife Handbook or Spot 50 Wildflowers to give your walk a bit more of a purpose. Kids will love trying to spot different nature species and recording their observations.

Could you cycle to school together? This would involve getting up a bit earlier perhaps, but then the kids have already done some fun exercise before they have even got through the school gates.

Play more, watch less! Young children love to play but the TV has made them forget about the joys of playtime. Get them back into their toys or buy new ones to encourage them to fly like superheroes, zoom their cars or make a teddy bear picnic. Our Convertible series is great for helping kids to role play.

Maybe join a sports class together? That way, you get to do some exercise too, and the kids will like spending time with mum or dad, and won’t feel as though they are being forced to exercise on their own.

Make doing the chores fun! You could set challenges or races and encourage children to sing and dance to nursery rhymes while they are helping you put things away. If you have a dog and the kids don’t like walking it, they could go on their roller skates or scooter at the same time. 


Have you got any tips for how to get more active? Share your ideas in the comments section below or via Facebook or Twitter.


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