The perfect mix of horror and happiness: why Grimm’s Fairytales live on

At Miles Kelly, we are big fans of the Brothers Grimm fairytales, so much so that this year we have published a series of Brothers Grimm Fairytales books. Marketing assistant Katie shares her thoughts on the storytelling siblings, and the enchanting tale that has never left her imagination...

The Brothers Grimm will always be remembered throughout history as a powerful storytelling duo, the mere mention of their name is capable of conjuring up a spine-tingling, magical feeling within us. Some of the most captivating Brothers Grimm fairytales can still be found on popular children’s fiction lists, amongst bestselling sci-fi fantasy and other modern genres, but why?


Looking back at them now, after studying the Romantic period at university, I can appreciate that the Brothers Grimm awoke and reinvented a traditional, folktale style of storytelling. Their fairytales come complete with morals, forewarnings, tragedy, and a huge gothic influence, which offers a truly thrilling reading experience for children, regardless of their generation. The daring yet frightening tale of child heroes Hansel and Gretel and the haunting story of the innocent Snow-white against the evil vanity of the Queen are very much alive in the modern world in both book and film, despite being first envisioned in the early 19th century.


I believe that every child will have a personal relationship with the fairytales. I vividly remember wanting to be read the story of Sleeping Beauty at least three times a week, as each time would feel like the first. You don’t often come across a children’s story with a pleasant title of this nature that contains such unexpected chilling scenes, or one that fills you with moments of intense happiness, pure astonishment, and a sharp sense of fear, all in one hit. The image of the princess pricking her finger on the spinning wheel is what stays with me the most, knowing that this powerful spell will plunge her into a tormenting hundred-year sleep and imagining what it would be like to wake up from it.

The Brothers Grimm legacy will live on because they offer something different for children, which makes them crave to enter their mythical world for more – a fairytale that throws previous conceptions out the window. You’re never quite sure if the prince and princess will live happily ever after or suffer a terrible fate. Your enjoyment of the predictable parts is always tinged with a mild yet constant feeling of dread, albeit a delightful kind, for what’s to come. The Brothers Grimm fairytales offer stories that become exciting experiences, and that’s the reason I love them!

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